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ANTI MOIRE WAVE METAL MESH EMI Micro Metal Mesh EMI Shielding Film is more demanded now for special field LCD Displays like Military displays, medical displays, industry displays etc,as well as smart cooler window, MRI window and confidential room windows etc, due to its high dB shielding with meanwhile high transparency. In the market, most […]

Anti Bacteria Film

Covid-19 suddently rised people’s high tension of anti bacteria,we have not been so fear of it or be so careful with our daily protection. To reduce the chances of infection, mask on face,hand washing, air cleaning are very necessary for all people. But for the electronics we use quite often,like the mobile phone,ipad,computer,public query kiosk,elevator […]


To make building window as a big display but not affect in room brightness, innovative LED glass is the best solution. LED SMD is embedded inside glass, without visible wires. Long time working and no/very low heat, no extra maintenance is needed. Max glass size 2*3m. TRANSPARENT LED GLASS DISPLAY WALL FOR HOTEL

GOV’T Thanks Letter to Prochema

Mianyang Prochema received local government foreign affairs office thanks letter for helping export of their donation PPE to friendly countries to againt Covid-19. Mianyang Prochema with over 15 years of international market experience and their plenty of resources,not only produce and supply functional plastic film including conductive emi film,hardcoated PET film,insulation film etc,but also has […]