GOV’T Thanks Letter to Prochema

Mianyang Prochema received local government foreign affairs office thanks letter for helping export of their donation PPE to friendly countries to againt Covid-19. Mianyang Prochema with over 15 years of international market experience and their plenty of resources,not only produce and supply functional plastic film including conductive emi film,hardcoated PET film,insulation film etc,but also has sufficient power to organize and quality inspection for many other products including electronics,chemicals,construction materials . We are happy to receive government’s good words praise.No one can stand by during the virus againt,only everyone be strictly desiplined to keep social distance and actively help people who need help,thus can be soon back to normal. We also thank our government’s correct policy to get the virus controlled in a time no long and their TOP HIGH respect of every normal chinese people’s life. Prochema will do more to help,if people need.

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