1.Supply TCO ITO transparent conductive film (ITO PET film)5-300 ohm/sq for EMI shielding, transparent electrode, smart PDLC glass, touch screen etc.

2.Supply MIL grade copper grid metal mesh PET film for EMI shielding, unmanned shop RFID block etc

3.Supply capacitive touch panel(touch sensor) and EMI shielding resistive touch screen and optical bonding service.

4.Supply Insulation VTM-0 grade PET film,flame retardant polycarbonate and PP film, fluorine film and tubes(FEP,PFA,ETFE…)

5.Supply fluoroplastic products and parts , PVDF PIEZO film and sensors,perfluorinated ion exchange membrane

6.Supply textured hard-coated PET film for membrane switch overlay,IML/IMD applications, including normal grade, anti UV grade, anti bacteria grade etc

7.Supply coated synthetic paper for offset printing,Laser printing

8.Supply and introduce association products upon request,.