Anti Bacteria Film

Covid-19 suddently rised people’s high tension of anti bacteria,we have not been so fear of it or be so careful with our daily protection. To reduce the chances of infection, mask on face,hand washing, air cleaning are very necessary for all people. But for the electronics we use quite often,like the mobile phone,ipad,computer,public query kiosk,elevator keyboard etc, we touch it with our fingers. The bacteria grows fast and would be spread and spread again. An anti bacteria film protection on electronics would be necessary. The special coating on film would “hunger”the bacteria and cease new bacteria to birth. Below is an SGS test comparison with JP anti bacteria film and normal plastic film without coating.

This special coating was initially on a PET film for medical devices name place and membrane switch. Now JP film coated on a thinner film with backing adhesive,it is easy to stick on electronics surface,effectively keep surface clean of bacteria virus.

The base film thickness 0.05mm, roll width 1040mm. Slitting and cutting service available.

Anti Bacteria Film application

The functional coating layer on film is long lasting,but in summer we suggest to replace it weekly or monthly according to poplution conditions.
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