Even though more and more capacitive touch is adopted in electronics , but Resistive touch screen still keeps its advantage of  more stable working than capacitive type in some environment. And its economical cost helps resistive touch panel in a wide application.

Prochema insists to focus on special resistive touch screen of flexible panel,anti explosion (strengthened)touch panel, economical film+glass panel .  With our EMI shielding technology, we are able to supply touch screen with EMI shielding film lamination services.This would help the display work more stable in strong radiation environment.

Meanwhile with our strong technology support, we supply super thin single layered capacitive touch key. This is different from traditional membrane switch or PET with silver or carbon circuit printed capacitive touch button.It is fully transparent capacitive touch with invisible traces. It can be  less than 1

We accept customized design with special requirement.

Flexible Resistive Touch Screen

This is film+film method resistive touch panel with max thickness 0.4mm,it is durable and flexible applicable to thin electronics display control.Customized size and design is acceptable

Size available: 2-23″

flexible resistive touch screen data sheet
Pin4 wire,5 wire and 8 wire
Size2″ to 23″
Operating Temperature-10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃
Operating Vlotage≤10V
Life Time>1 000 000 times
Connect MaterialFPC
Response Time≤10ms
Surface Hardness≥3H(pencil)
Operation force50g~150g


Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen   is a strengthened touch panel anti burst, it is film+film+optical plastic backup,suitable for portable hand-held electronics and public query machine which is high broken risk. We had a violent test when the panel is developed, is to drop the touch screen from floor 3 to ground, it still worked after installation.

Size available:2-23″

Strengthened resistive touch screen
Pin4 wire,5 wire and 8 wire
Type Film+Film+PMMA
ThicknessFilm0.188mm *2
Size3″ to 23″
Operating Temperature-10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃
Operating Vlotage≤10V
Hitting Life>35 000 000 times
Writing Life>5 000 000 times
Tail TypeFPC by gold PI at end
Response Time≤10ms
Surface Hardness≥3H(pencil)


Capacitive Touch Button & Keyboard  More and more electronics adopt capacitive touch control system since it comes to thinner and smaller. One layer capacitive touch button is max 0.175mm( smallest thickness can be 0.025mm), it can be sticked under glass,plastic,wood or other material working with capacitive control chip board. This is suitable for simple

For complicated keyboard it can be two layers with max 0.4mm.

We produce upon customer design.

Above is not all sizes,if you did not find the size you need,please contact our sales representative with your requirement. For the sizes we already have tools,there will be no need to pay developing cost.Some regular sizes stock available for small quantity order.


EMI shielding touch screen




This is a customized resistive touch panel with optical EMI shielding for the displays of precise instrument machine,medical display and military displays.

It prevents the signal escape, also barrier the outter waves to affect the display.

EMI shielding Touch panel is a good combination of high stable working resistive touch screen+strengthened glass or PMMA or PC+EMI shielding film layer in optical bonding technology.

With our strong technology support and sufficient experience,we are able to provide:


  1. EMI shielding glass(optical ITO glass, temperature tempered, chemical tempered)  < 14 ohm/sq
  2. Optical bonding glass+ EMI shielding film   Choice 0.5 ohm/sq, 5-7 ohm/sq, 10-14 ohm/sq
  3. Optical bonding TP+EMI glass

This bonding makes total TP product thicker and much more strengthened.

  1. Thin TP with EMI shielding

This TP is a special designed without adding extra thickness of EMI shielding, the original TP thickness is the final thickness,suitable for those displays with limited case room.

Touch Panel size available between 4-24″ in 4 wire, 5 wire and 8 wire, odd designed size can be customized.



This is an old fashioned single glass capacitive touch panel.

Surface can be AG/AR coated,with precision touch action.

Suitable for gaming displays .