Prochema printing film team supplies one-shop solution of various printing film including polyester film,polycarbonate film and PP synthetic non tearable paper. We high light texture hardcoated polyester film which is one side velvet or fine velvet hardcoating with fingerprint proof which is suitable for membrane switch and overlays. Also transparent polyester film dimension stabilized for silver circuit print and opaque white PET for labels…

Since 2004, Mianyang Prochema started supplying high performance printing film for industry control,graphic banner,labels & tags in different industry applications.

In this page, you will below special materials:

1. Hardcoated PET Film for membrane switch/name plates/overlays in door & outdoor application

2.White coated PP/PET Synthetic paper for offset/laser/inkjet image printing

3.High temperature label/hang tag film for hot metal/PCB bar code

4.General Polycarbonate film and customized polycarbonate film

Hardcoated PET Film

With optical BOPET film substrate, one side glossy or matte or texture hardcoated, printing side with chemical treatment for excellent ink adhesion, suitable for membrane switch,decal,name plate etc. IMD/IML suitable

Item No.:





Anti UV  JP-XE F150, XE F200,XE F280

JP-XE V150, XE V200, XE V280

PP/PET Synthetic Paper

One or both sides white coated for excellent ink reception.

Substrate:PP, PET

PP synthetic paper for offset fast curing digital printing:



PET Synthetic paper for offset,laser printing:

PET-LS120, PET-LS160, PET-LS220

Surface for pigment/dye inkjet can be customized

500C Hang Tag

Both sides coated for thermo transfer printing,substrate Polyimide film(Kapton),this is designed for hot metal industry as hang tag, temperature resistance upto 600C.


Jumbo roll width:620mm, slitting and die cut service available


Polycarbonate Film

Special Polycarbonate Film:

1.Opaque white Polycarbonate film gloss/matte, fine velvet/matte   0.1-1.0mm, suitable for name plates, card core sheet

2.Clear laser writable polycarbonate film  excellent surface evenness with laserable additive,suitable for card and passport laser writing

3.Hard coated Polycarbonate film/sheet  glossy and matte surface choices

4.General Polycarbonate film  gloss/gloss, velvet/matte