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    Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen   is a strengthened touch panel anti burst, it is film+film+optical plastic backup,suitable for portable hand-held electronics and public query machine which is high broken risk. We had a violent test when the panel is developed, is to drop the touch screen from floor 3 to ground, it still worked after installation.

Size available:2-23"
Strengthened resistive touch screen
Technology Resistive
Pin 4 wire,5 wire and 8 wire
Type  Film+Film+PMMA
Film 0.188mm *2
PMMA 1.0mm,3.0mm
Size 3" to 23"
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Operating Vlotage ≤10V
Hitting Life >35 000 000 times
Writing Life >5 000 000 times
Tail Type FPC by gold PI at end
Response Time ≤10ms
Linearity ≤1.5%
Transmittance ≥80%
Surface Hardness ≥3H(pencil)

Unbreakable resistive touch panel
Customized size and design is acceptable

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