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    PVDF Piezoelectric flouropolymer film or piezo film  is a kind of fresh high polymer piezoelectric material  .Till now ,only a few countries can produce this kind of film in the world.  

    Our products are available in a variety of different sizes, thickness and metallization options for OEM manufacturing. Piezo film is an excellent transducer with unique capabilities.
    PVDF has the unique effect of the dielectric, piezoelectric effect, the thermoelectric effect.Compared with the conventional piezoelectric materials with wide frequency response, dynamic range, high sensitivity electromechanical conversion and mechanical properties of high strength, acoustic impedance matching, and has a light weight, soft, not brittle, impact resistant, less susceptible to water and chemical pollution,easily made into any  shape and size, ranging from plates or tubes advantage.

    A wide range of applications in mechanics, acoustics, optics, electronics, measurement, infrared, security alarm, health care, military, transportation, information engineering, office automation, marine development, geological exploration and other technical fields. The products have mainly three varieties of gold, silver, aluminum, thickness 30-500um. Product shape and size can be determined according to user’s  needs.It is the new transducer materials to produce  improvements Dynamic Pressure sensors and ultrasound, intelligent exploration .
Ⅱ Characteristics
    1.   Piezoelectric property
    It produces voltage in proportional to compressive or tensile mechanical stress or strain, which makes it a dynamic strain gauge.

    2.   Dielectric property and low impedance
    Piezo film changes proportionally in dimension while an electric field at frequencies from 0~500MHz. This property, as well as the film’s low impedance, makes piezo film perfectly suitable for high fidelity transducers operation throughout the high audio and ultrasonic.

    3.   pyroelectric property
    piezo film  also reacts  to changes in temperature with predictable, high voltage outputs

    4.   Chemically insert and biocompatible.
    It is ideally to make vital signs transducer attached to skin or be used in medical devices.

    5.   high stress constant
    Piezo film’s stress constant is about 10 times higher than other piezoelectric materials such as ceramics and quartzhigh chemical stability.

    6.   excellent processibility
    It is thin with low weight and low mass, so it can be twisted into various forms.

    7.Low temperature property
    It works in the temperature as low as -40C

Piezo Sensor Type Applications
PVDF Piezo film sensor applications
Accelerometer/Vibration Sensors Washing machine load balance, pacemaker, pedometer, motion and vibration sensors, medical vital signs and cardiac monitors, motional feedback for speakers
Acoustic Musical instrument pickup, electronic stethoscope, coin validation, bone conduction microphone, perimeter security cable, acoustic speakers
Anti-tamper panel Security - electronic chip protection
Hydrophone Sonar
Hypersonic speaker Ultrasonic directional speakers
Load/impact Stamping machine load cells, passenger safety systems, target impact
Traffic Sensor Traffic counters, speed, toll and red light enforcement
Flexible switch Water meter cam counter, CMOS wake-up switch, door operation detection
Piezo Cable Buried or fence-mounted sensor for perimeter security
Ultrasonic digitizer Electronic pen input
Ultrasonic transducer Fluid level sensing, process flow meter, medical imaging, subsea acoustic camera, non-destructive testing

PVDF Piezo sensor size list
Size (mm)
30 200*140
50 200*140
50 200*140
100 200*140
200 200*140
500 200*130

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