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    Mianyang Prochema is specialized in screen printing plastic film. 
    Similar to Autotex, we supply texture hardcoated PET film. It an optical PET film with one side glossy with printing treatment, while the other side is velvet or fine velvet hard coated. The textured side is 2H hardness ,and another outstanding advantage is finger print proof. With window-opening liquid,the textured surface can be recovered to total transparent, it is normally used for membrane switch,graphic overlay, name plate etc.

    We have different texture for choices including bright velvet,matte velvet,brushed and diamond surface coating.
    Heat stabilized Polyester film is a good substrate of silver circuit printing. This film is one or double sides printing treated for good ink adhesion.We supply both transparent PET film and opaque white PET film for printing.

Printing grade PET film
    For digital ,inkjet and offset printing, a special white coated film is necessary for label or graphics.

    PP based white coated film,named PP synthetic paper,is an economical plastic film with paper like feeling and paper-easy printing. Its strong durability names it non tearable paper. It is recyclable and long life to save a lot of forest.

    Another white coated film is PET, it is double side coated in white,also can be called PET synthetic paper,it is high temperature resistance for some digital printing.
    Some high temperature environment requires an Identical Label,such as hot steel and PCB reflow soldering. Mianyang Prochema supplies white coated Polyimide labels unprinted roll. For PCB label,we have adhesive coated PI label film, and for hot steel we have up to 500C hang tag, for tyre we offer valcanizing label.

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