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    Prochema GP Synthetic Paper is PP film based, coated with white printable coating surface. It's made up of PP Synthetic Paper upgrade of new products, has the same gloss with chrome paper, the advantage of non tearable,water proof, excellent ink adhesion and fast dry, print like paper and feel like paper but leverages the best properties of plastic.

 PP synthetic paper from China

    It is far stronger than conventional paper and the extensive selection of grades, gauges, finishes make GP Synthetic Paper a serious consideration for almost any application.
    The main ingredients of the GP Synthetic Paper is Polypropylene Plastic, it's a green product, meet the standards of modern environmental requirements, it's one of the most environmentally-viable synthetic paper available today, can be complete combustion without harmful gas emission.
    Thickness: From 55 micron to 300 micron
    Standard width: 800mm, 900mm, 1095mm
    Coating service: one side white coated   
    two sides white coated
    GP Synthetic Paper can be printed by digital, flexography, offset, gravure, letterpress and screen printing, applicable to many application:
    1.Synthetic paper for label and tage
    2.Synthetic paper for card,map and advertising manner
    3.Synthetic paper for album,non tearable book,menu,brochure
    4.Synthetic paper for green shopping handbag

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