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Chinese Holiday Sept-Oct,2015

Mid-Autumn Festival,like Chinese new year,is a very important festival in all chinese people's heart all over the world.

Mid-Autumn, it is said chinese lunar year Aug.15 (This year is calendar date Sept.27,2015)

Since Tang Dynasty(about 1700 years ago),The Palace of Emperor started to choose lunar Aug.15 as festival to enjoy the brightest moon and eat moon cake.At that time people
would give a copper mirror to each other for a wish of good health and long peaceful life. In Song Dynasty,the emperor regulated lunar Aug.15 as the national festival.
But now we dont give copper mirror any more,the Moon cake is a must .

If weather is good,Lunar Aug.15 night is the best time to share the beautiful time with family,sitting under the clean and bright moon,eating cake and talk. And it is a good time 
to memory the family members who are far from home and ask the Moon to convey them the best wishes of safety and health.Of course it is a time to recall of the beloved past people .

Meanwhile a lot of folk performance will be held,such as Lattern show,Riddle Guess...There are 56 different peoples in China,different poeple has different way to celebrate.

Mianyang Prochema will memory every business partner and friends who have always supported us. This world people are not stranger,all are living under the same moon,share the same moon 
light. We wish you all and your family good health good life.

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