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V150 V200 velvet hardcoated PET film new application

Small solar cell panel for electronics carry a heavy task to generate enough power based on its limited efficiency. A glossy surface will reflect more visible light and lessen light transmitted.
A non reflection protection film with optical VLT is a good solution. Like the sample picture above, very little light reflection helps solar cell to receive more light for power.

The surface is UV hard coated in matte velvet  or matte fine velvet ,reduce light reflection. Meanwhile it is 2H hardness anti scratch and finger print resistive.Visible light transmission up to 91%.
It is an ideal protection film for small solar panel for road lamp,outdoor charger,in door electronic with solar power supply etc.

The film is 10 year life designed for small solar panel.

Film thickness:0.15 and 0.2mm
Film width:610mm and 1000mm

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