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    Same as ITO PET film, Metal Mesh PET Film is an excellent transparent EMI shielding film for LCD,precise instruments,military,hospital scanning house etc.

    The difference point between ITO film and Metal mesh film is the conductive surface. ITO PET film is 100% ITO deposited, while Metal mesh film is a very fine micron mesh deposited on PET substrate,but metal mesh is more durable and can achieve <0.5 ohm/sq with 80% VLT applicable for area of high EMI shielding requirement.

Transparent EMI Shielding Film Choice Table
MY Prochema transparent EMI shielding film items
Item Visible light Sq.resistanceΩ/□ 15MC-10GC
Width Thickness
72% 14±4 20~25dB <1220mm 125/175mic
69% 7±2 25~35dB <1220mm 125/175mic
Metal Mesh 80% <1 30-60dB size 550*1050mm 100 mic
     Both ITO EMS series and Metal Mesh film are in roll package, while Metal Mesh PET film working area size is 550*1050mm for 85 mesh, and 550*750mm for 250 mesh, the mesh angle is 45 degree.  Optical adhesive can be coated upon request.

Metal mesh transparent EMI shielding film (copper grid PET film)

My prochema Metal mesh PET film data sheet
Item Value Remarks
Basic thickness 75~100μm Thickness tester
VLT ≥80% Haze tester
Adhesion strengthn 500~1500gf/25mm To glass
Adhesion between PET and conductive layer Grade 2 GB-9286-88
Shielding 30MHz     60dB
100MHz    51dB
200MHz    45dB
500MHz    42dB
1000MHz   37dB
Based on SJ 20524-1995 Electronics military standard, tested by PLA(People's Liberation Army)

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