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 vanadium redox battery ion exchange film
Vanadium Redox Batteries

N -11X N Perfluorinated Proton-exchange membrane made by our own advanced machine. N  is a new kind of PEM. N  is made by a new resin flow technology. This new technology can combine With adulterate technology. Thus N  has many outstanding features, It not only has the high tensile strength, high selection, isotropy , high conductance; but also has the effect of self-humidifying and with low Linear Expansion. It is very suitable for Fuel cell, vanadium redox batteries, electrolyzer, lectrodialysis,
electrochemical sensors.It has outstanding features as the solid electrolyte
N  membrane has been tested over 100000 hour in fuel cell and 50000
hour in VRB.Our general company is the expert in ion exchange membrane
area. Our company has a long membrane making history over 10 years.
And our film have been hold the 40% of perflourinated ion  exchange membrane market in china. We are building “China Ion exchange Membrane Technology Center” with Xiamen University.The production capacity of  membrane will arrive 300,000 square meters to 2013.

N-11X proton exchange film
N -11x is Packaged by Plastic bucket. Special Package please indicate.
Thickness and Weight

N-11X ion exchange membrane list
Type Thickness(μm) Weight(g/m2)
N -1135 88 176
N-113 75 150
N114(C) 100 200
N -115 125 250
N -116 150 300
N -117 175 350

Perfluorinated Proton Exchange film
Perfluorinated Proton Exchange Memberane

Type Thickness (um) Weight (g/m2)
N -211 30  60
N-212 52 104
N212C 52

SizeLength × width :  600mm × 600mm  800x800mm
 N performance

Performance  Numerical Method
Tensile Strength 30MPa ( 23℃, 50% RH, Isotropy ,Nepem-115)  ASTMD882
Tensile Modulus  630 MPa ( 23℃, 50% RH, Isotropy ) ASTMD882
Linear Expansion  5±1% ( 23℃, from 50% RH to water soaked ) ASTM756
Water Uptake  50±5% ( 100℃, 1h )  ASTMD570
Conductivity 0.1 S/cm 25℃zawodzinski
Equivalent Weight  950 g/eq Titration

N -417 、4110 membrane
 Perfluorinated ion
exchange membrane which hybrid with
high strength PTFE fabric.

Introduction :
N 41X is hybrided by high strength PTFE fabric and Perfluorinated ion exchange Resin. Thus our film has many outstanding features. It not only has the high tensile strength ,high selection,isotropy,high conductance;but also has the effect of self-humidifying and with low Linear Expansion.  It has the good performance in Fuel Cell ,Vanadium batteries,electrolyzer,electrodialysis,elect-chemical sensors as the solid electrolyte film . 

Thickness and Weight :

Type Thickness (um)
N -417 250
N -4110 350

Length x width : 500x500   600x600  800x800mm
N series Performance :

Performance Numerical Method
Tensile strength 40MPa (23oC,50% RH,Isotropy)
Tensile Modulus 780MPa(23oC,50% RH,Isotropy) ASTMD882
Linear Expansion 1%( 23oC,from50%RH,to water soaked) ASTM756
Water Uptake 50±5% (100oC,1h) ASTMD570
Conductivity 0.1S/cm 25oC,zawodzinski
Equivalent weight 950g/eq Test method designed by Factory
composed PTFE complex Ion exchange

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