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    Mianyang Prochema started company initially by supplying insulation film including Polyimide film equivalent to Kapton HN,FN series,then electrical insulation Polyester film(BOPET film) 6020 and 6021,as well as UL V2 6023 milky white insulation Polyester film.  Halogen free UL V0 flame retardant Polycarbonate film and Polypropylene film is major items of Mianyang Prochema since 2008. Teflon film and products including FEP, PFA,ETFE,PVDF are also our professional area.
    With our over decade professional experience and wide resources,we supply one shop solution of below materials:
    1.Flame retardant Polycarbonate film

    Nature color UL VTM-0 or V0      0.05-1.0mm

    Black color UL VTM-0 or V0       0.05-1.0mm
    2.Flame retardant Polypropylene film

    Black color UL VTM-0 or V0        0.125-1.5mm

    White color UL VTM-0 or V0        0.125-1.5mm
    .Insulation Polyester film

    General electrical insulation PET film    0.05-0.35mm

    V2 clear & milky white PET film       0.05-0.35mm

    Opaque black PET film               0.05-0.35mm

    Opaque white PET film               0.05-0.35mm
    4.Teflon Product

    FEP film and products

    PFA film and products

    ETFE film and products

    PVDF Piezo film and sensor

    ION Exchange film
    Mianyang Prochema Insulation material team is a group of professional people with fast action.Above is not all,if you can not find what your need,please contact us at market2@prochema.cn to get support.

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