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For some high temperature working environment, it needs a suitable high temperature label for recognition.   
Mianyang Prochema supplies high performance film of polyimide, white coated Polyimide label and valcanization label.
PCB reflow high temperature label
Polyimide High Temperature Label

High temperature label item list
Item Thickness Coated Side Temperature Application
RX-001G  25 um PI 1 side printing coat,
back with adhesive
 Max 350C PCB Label
RX-001  50 um PI 1 side printing coat,
back with adhesive
 Max 350C PCB Label
RX-002-Ultra  150 um 2 sides printing coat  Max 500C Hang Tag for steel ind.
RX-006  125 um 1 side printing coat  Max 260C Valcanization Tyre Label
Printing and processing:

It is adaptive for UV printing and thermal transfer ribbon printing. For requirements of cutting the product, Please refer to technical guidance manual. To meet production needs, each 500-meter roll allows 2 connectors. The standard storage period is as long as 12 months at 22C, relative humidity of 50% environment. The material is recommended to process or use in 12 months after purchasing.
 We supply unprinted label film in slitted width and roll length.
Printing quality(Taken at room lightness,no any modification)

PCB adhesive label (White color & Black color)
white high temp.label and tag black high temp.label and tag
Hang Tag
double side hang tag with high temperature
Valcanizing Label
Valcanizing tyre label
RoHS/Rule  2002/95/EU

The restricted substances have been presented in chapter 4 of EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

The content of these substances shall not exceed the RoHS directive 2002/95/EC limits.

Storage period:

It can be stored for one year in the 22C temperature and relative humidity of 50% environment.

Environmental Performance:

Anti-solvent testing results

Temperature(C) Eye Measurement Time
Surface \
100C No Change 0.5h
150C No Change 0.5h
200C No Change 0.5h
250C No Change 0.5h
280C No Change 0.5h
300C No obvious trend to yellow color 0.5h

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