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FEP/PFA film/tube/sheet by michael zhang
    Fluorine plastic is part or all of the hydrogen replaced by fluorine alkane polymers, they have a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), perfluorinated (ethylene propylene (FEP) copolymer, poly perfluorinated alkoxy (PFA) resin, polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFF), tourism fluorine ethylene vinyl chloride copolymer (ECTFE) and ethylene fluoride (ETFE) copolymer, poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) and polyvinyl fluoride (PVF).

Teflon PTFE
    Brand name "teflon", "teflon", "fu lung", "Thai fluorine dragon", "4 f", such as PTFE by tetrafluoroethylene made by free radical polymerization a perfluorinated polymer, it has a CF2 = CF2 linear molecular structure of repeat unit, is a crystalline polymer, is about 631 ℃, melting point density of 2.13 2.19 g/CC (g/cm3).PTFE has excellent chemical resistance, and its dielectric constant was 2.1, low dissipation factor, in a wide temperature and frequency range is stable.It from low temperature to 550 v mechanical performance is very good.

    PTFE high impact strength, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, but poor creep resistance than other engineering plastics.Sometimes adding glass fiber, bronze, carbon and graphite to improve its special mechanical properties.Its coefficient of friction were lower than almost any other materials, has the very high oxygen index.

    PTFE high melt viscosity, which hinders idiomatic melt extruded or molding technology adoption.Granular PTFE moulding and extrusion method and the method of powder metal and ceramics with similar - compression and then high temperature sintering;Fine powder to be mixed with processing accessories (such as naphtha) form a paste, then under high pressure to squeeze into a thin wall material, heating again to remove volatile processing AIDS, sintering in the end.

Products: tube, rod, film, plate, modified products and mechanical parts

    FEP is tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene copolymerization.

    FEP melt crystallization point to 580 ℉, density of 2.15 g/CC (g/cm3), it is a kind of soft plastic, the tensile strength, abrasion resistance, creep resistance lower than many engineering plastics.It is a chemical inert, in a wide temperature and frequency range with low dielectric constant (2.1).The material does not ignite, can prevent the spread of flames.It has excellent weather resistance, low friction coefficient, from low temperature to 392 ℉ all can use.The material can be made for extrusion and molding of granular product, used as a fluidized bed and electrostatic coating powder, also can be made into water dispersion.Semi-finished products are film and plate.Bars and single fiber.Its main purpose is for making pipe and chemical equipment within the village, roller surface and all kinds of wire and cable, such as aircraft hook line, booster cables, alarm cable, flat cable, and the well logging cable.FEP film is used as a thin coating of solar collector.
Products: tube, rod, membrane, plate and mechanical parts

Meltability teflon PFA
    PFA is ptfe modified temperature can reach 260 degrees, perfluorinated alkoxy resin

    PFA resins is relatively new, fluorine plastic melt processing.

    PFA melting point of about 580 ℉, density of 2.13 2.16 g/cc (g/cm3).PFA and PTFE and FEP are similar, but in more than 302 ℃, the mechanical properties were slightly better than FEP, and can be used temperature under 500 ℉, it has the chemical character of PTEF.PFA product form is used for molding and extrusion of granular product, used for rotational molding and coating powder products;The semi-finished products are film, plate, rod and tube.The purpose of the PFA similar to FEP.

    Products: tube, rod, membrane, plate and mechanical parts

Polytrifluorochloroethylene PCTFE
    PCTFE is fluorine free radical polymerization of vinyl chloride with three mainly repeat a CF (cl) - the product of the main chain of the linear CF unit.

    PCTFE is crystalline polymer, melting point is 425 ℉, density of 2.13 g/cc (g/cm3).

    PCTFE at room temperature for most lively chemical inert, and in more than 212 t can be one of the few solvents to dissolve, can also be some solvent swelling, especially of chlorinated solvents.PCTFE has excellent blocking the ability of the gas, the water vapor permeability of film products is the lowest in all transparent plastic film.Its electric performance is similar to other perfluorinated polymer, the dielectric constant (2.3-2. The knife and loss factor is a bit high, especially in high frequency. PCTFE can make thick (1/8 of an inch) optical transparent parts.

    PCTFE is available melting processing, but due to the high viscosity of the melt, a trend of degradation leads to bad performance processed products, so the processing difficulty.

    PCTFE resin can be made into aggregate for molding and extrusion.Film thickness of 0.001-0.010 inches, can also be made from bar and tube.

    Products: tube, rod, membrane, plate and mechanical parts

ETFE - tetrafluoroethylene ethylene copolymer
    ETFE is 1:1 and tetrafluoroethylene ethylene copolymer alternately.ETFE melting point is 518 f, density of 1.70 g/CC.ETFE is a kind of from low temperature to 356 f with high impact strength of the mechanical properties and good material.Chemical resistance, electric properties and weather resistance and ECTFE are similar, close to perfluorinated polymer.The polymer exposed to fire will be melting and decomposition.ETFE can be made for extrusion and molding of aggregate, and used for rotational molding, fluidized bed and electrostatic powder coating.Semi-finished products have membrane, rods, tubes, and single fiber.

    In the application of wire and cable planes with hanging on the line, public transport and computer back.Injection products between pump, and other chemical equipment components, packing materials, tower packing, electrical parts.

    Products: tube, film and processing parts
Poly (vinylidene fluoride PVDF
    PVDF is partial fluorine ethylene high molecular weight polymer, it belongs to the crystalline materials, melting point is 338 f, density of 1.78 g/CC.Its strength, abrasion resistance and creep resistance is much taller than PTFE, FEP, PFA;Resistant to most chemicals and solvents, as well as oxidants such as liquid bromine and bromine salt solution;With good weatherability, don't burn in air;Compared with other fluorine plastic has high dielectric constant (8-9) and loss due to the number of;In 148 ~ 302 f temperature range has a good performance.PVDF can be made into powder, aggregate and disperse system (dimethyl phthalate and isobutyl ketone resin containing 44%).It available, extrusion, injection molding, transfer molding, also can through the dry powder or dispersion spraying technology used for coating, semi-finished products with film, plate, bar and single fiber.

    Products: tube, rod, membrane, plate and mechanical parts

Polyvinyl fluoride PVF
    PVF is high crystalline material, can only be made into membrane, it is very tough and full of elasticity, has excellent weatherability, within the scope of the - 94-230 - f temperature performance is good, it has good abrasion resistance and stain resistance, can with plywood, vinyl, and enhance the polyester and metal foil laminated.

    Products: PVF film 0.03 MM X W1200mm transparent & white

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