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EMI shielding touch screen

This is a customized resistive touch panel with optical EMI shielding for the displays of precise instrument machine,medical display and military displays.
It prevents the signal escape, also barrier the outter waves to affect the display.
EMI shielding Touch panel is a good combination of high stable working resistive touch screen+strengthened glass or PMMA or PC+EMI shielding film layer in optical bonding technology.

With our strong technology support and sufficient experience,we are able to provide:
1. EMI shielding glass(optical ITO glass, temperature tempered, chemical tempered)  < 14 ohm/sq
2. Optical bonding glass+ EMI shielding film   Choice 0.5 ohm/sq, 5-7 ohm/sq, 10-14 ohm/sq
3. Optical bonding TP+EMI glass   
   This bonding makes total TP product thicker and much more strengthened.
 4. Thin TP with EMI shielding       
    This TP is a special designed without adding extra thickness of EMI shielding, the original TP thickness is the final thickness,suitable for those displays with limited case room.
Touch Panel size available between 4-24" in 4 wire, 5 wire and 8 wire, odd designed size can be customized.
Every piece of Touch panel is tested and double make sure its accurate working

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