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 EMS/H Normal EMI Shielding Film

1.Product Introduction
    We produce the normal EMI shielding film, which adopt halogen-free flame resistant PC as base material. A Cu-Ni conductive layer is formed by vacuum magnetron sputtering technology. An extra black conductive coating can be done upon customer requirement. This film is widely applied as electromagnetic shielding window for electronic equipment case,  interior or vent of the cabinet ,horn mesh etc..
copper sputtered PC film form
4.Visual Inspection
    Sampling 0.5 meter each from both sides, starting visual inspection under 2.5K Lux fluorescent lamp, with 300mm distance away from the film. Criteria listed as follows:

Copper sputtered Polycarbonate EMI shielding film data
Visual Inspection OStandard
1.Linear defect Width Length Result
W≤0.05mm L≤2mm (4lines/㎡) Non defect
0.05mm<W≤0.08mm L≤4mm (1line/㎡) Qualified
W>0.08mm 1(ea/㎡) NG
2. Point defect Diameter Qty in an area Result
ф≤0.3mm ≤2points/CM2
Non defect, Not appear densely, Definition for denseness:≤2points/CM2
0.3mm<ф<0.8mm <8(ea/㎡) Qualified
0.8mm<ф <3 (ea/㎡) NG
3.Other defects Obvious color difference and dirty NG

5.Physical Property Testing
copper sputtered Polycarbonate property data
Item Unit Test Method Standard value
Property NO PC thickness um   175±5
Optical property 1 Color     Black
EMI shielding film property 1 Cu+Ni coating surface resistance Ohm/sq ASTM D991 1.5±1
2 Cu+Ni coating+black and conductive ink surface resistance Ohm/sq ASTM D991   ≤2.0
3 Uniformity of surface resistance
ASTM D991   TD: ≤1.0
MD: ≤1.0
4 Coating adhesion
B ASTM D3359 ≥4B
5 Hardness(Inside) H JIS K 5400 /
6 Heat resistance   80
7 Electromagnetic shielding dB   55-65

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