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    Mianyang Prochema produces optical transparent conductive ITO PET film,Metal Mesh PET film(micron mesh PET film) and AgNW nano silver PET film.
    ITO PET film is applicable as transparent electrode of EL panel,E-paper Display(EPD),decorative LED film, flexible solar cell(DSC,OPV), also be used as EMI shielding and transparent heater for LCD ,etch to clear capacitive touch control of smart electronics, smart furniture ,intelligent house etc.
    Copper gride PET film, also named Metal mesh film, like Nano silver Metal mesh, it is an extreme low resistance film with high optical light transmission.It is an ideal product for high EMI/EMR shielding material for military,hospital,confidential house and electronics anti interference. The fine mesh is hardly visible by eyesight,hence this method is also developed for special touch control on display .
    Despite of ITO PET film and Metal mesh film, we also customize copper sputtered PET film and Polycarbonate film for some general EMI shielding or RFD circuit.

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