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PDLC switchable film is better to be laminated between two pieces of glass,if the glass wall has not installed. Since the film will be well protected by glass for a longer safe working,away  from outside external hurt.
Currently the film max width for lamination is upto 1800mm from Mianyang Prochema.
We supply the film in two ways. Most of people does not have enough knowledge of cutting and bus bar adding, we will do the film in sheet with bus bar already according to the project glass size,thus customer can install it directly after lamination.  The other way is to supply in rolls with length up to 50meters,customer can cut by himself according to glass size and quantity,this would be time saving and cost saving,keep some roll stock to win fast business.
The PDLC switchable film from Mianyang Prochema is drived at 48VAC low power, one sq.m consumption is as low as 3 watts. The film transparency and haze is an important charactor, Prochema PDLC film is high clear and low haze,and a big viewing angle which it is powered in transparency status.
Techinical data of MY Prochema PDLC film:

                              TDS OF Smart PDLC Film
                        Item Mode Normal Type Heat Block Type
Optical Characteristics Visible Light Transmission ON ≥78% ≥78%
OFF ≥55%    ≥55%   
Haze ON < 5% < 5%
OFF > 90% > 90%
Viewing Angle ON > 150° > 150°
UV transmittance
( 280-380 )
OFF 12.11 3.94
ON 17.17 6.23
IR transmittance
( 780-1400 )
OFF 66.8 6.23
ON 83.87 23.49
Total barrier ratio OFF 38 74
ON 20 64
Operating voltage ON 48V(AC 50/60HZ) 48V(AC 50/60HZ)
Response time On → Off ≤200ms ≤200ms
Off → On ≤10ms ≤10ms
Power Consumption ON < 4W/m2 < 4W/m2
Mechanical characteristics Size / 3500mmx1500mmx0.4mm 3500mmx1500mmx0.4mm
Size tolerance / ±2mm ±2mm
Color / / White,Dark gray,
light gray
White,Dark gray,
light gray
Working temperature / -10 ~ 60 ℃ -10 ~ 60 ℃
Storage temperature / -20 ~ 60 ℃ -20 ~ 60 ℃
                     Life time ON > 80000hours > 80000hours
                     Net weight    0.47kg/ ㎡  0.47kg/ ㎡

PDLC glass Lamination Procedures:

How to cut PDLC switchable film and add bus bar: Video click

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