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    Mianyang Prochema ITO PET film is a vacuum magnetic sputtering deposited Indium Tin Oxide on optical polyester film (BOPET). It has strong adhesion between ITO layer and substrate BOPET, meanwhile a high visible light transmission (VLT) >80% for resistance over 30 ohm/sq.
Prochema ITO film manufacturer,ITO sputtering machine
    Mianyang Prochema is able to supply max width 1900mm ITO film with resistance 100-200ohm/sq in thickness 125microns, 175microns and 188 microns,  and the min.thickness of 25microns are available.
Prochema ITO film Item Table
Item EMS/F-05 EMS/F-08 Prox-30 Prox-50 Prox-100 Prox-200
Thickness 125/175 125/175 125/175 125/175 25-175 125/175
Width 1220 1220 800,1220 800,1220 1220,1900 1220
Resistance Ω/sq 8-12 12-15 30-40 50-60 100-130 200-230
Application EMI Shielding,Electrode EMI,EL,Epaper,Touch sensing,PDLC Sensing,EL


EL Advertising Panel

    Electroluminscent advertising panel/Epaper is an vivid indoor advertising ,the programed animation attract more eyeballs than static advertising graphics, Prochema ITO film Prox 100,Prox 200 is a good transparent electrode of EL and Epaper display.
Regular thickness 125 and 175 microns in width 600-1200.

EL advertising panel made by My prochema ITO film

PDLC switchable film  

    To produce PDLC switchable film, also named smart film, ITO PET film need be optical clear with low haze <2.5% ,and the color tune of B should be between -3 and +3. Prochema supplies max width 1900mm ITO film for PDLC application. PDLC smart film from My prochema


EMI shielding

    ITO PET film is a good transparent EMI shielding material for LCD display, Touch screen anti interruption, precise instrument, military confidential and hospital CT house window etc.

    Different resistance has different shielding properties,customers decide the items according to the exact working environment and requirement.

    Please refer to Metal Mesh PET film page for EMI ITO details

Touch Control

    ITO film is an easy etching film to produce transparent touch sensor as small electronics,consumer electronics to replace traditional membrane switch,it is flexible and thin and touchable under glass,plastic and wood.

Other App

    ITO PET film has many applications as transparent electrode,such as LED film( LED glass), OPV and DSC(dye sensitized solar cell), as transparent heating pad for helmet and window anti fog application.

Our Extra Service

    Despite of producing ITO PET film, we also customize ITO film on different substrate like opaque PET ITO film, polyimide (kapton) ITO film etc for special applications.And also we sputter copper on PET, polycarbonate film upon request.

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