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Functional PET FILM

    Functional PET Film

     We supply various different application special functional PET film.

Functional PET Film
Both sides matte PET Film
Item:CYKS02, CYKS03
Directly produced both sides matte(light texture) to replace coated PET film, half transparent,.
Thickness 50-188 microns
suitable for screen printing, laser printing,heat transfer printing,hot stamping,translucent glass film or MDF board lamination etc.
Opaque white PET Film
Both sides matte or glossy opaque white PET film,with corona treatment for both sides printing, no polymer coating,pure PET
Suitable for screen printing,thermo transfer,light blocking,shirt collar,cards etc
Flame retardant Clear PET film
Transaprent flame retardant BOPET film, halogen free
Thickness:12,25,36,50micron and customized
Furniture board lamination,fireproof cable wrapping
Anti UV PET clear Film
UV400 transparent BOPET film anti UV for long outdoor life
Thickness:12,25,36,50,100micron and customized
For outdoor application,glass film coating  
Big thickness BOPET film Able to supply big thickness BOPET film 350-600micron in clear, half clear and opaque  Insulation board  

    For more functional PET film,like adhesive coated,release silicone coated,heat block film,anti fog film etc,please contact  for details.

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